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Meet CloudPix

About CloudPix

CloudPix started out of the desire to marry both celebrity assets with celebrity news. Since 2012 there has been an idea here to produce something that will adapt easily to user uploading and marrying easy to read and insightful content with that picture content, making a rich formula for users to be able to share and create all through our web portal.

Enter 2015, we have now ramped up our desire to become a major news force, hiring 10 staff to produce content to match uploaded content and make the users browsing experience much more valuable by leading them onto a much better experience. We have a full on editorial team that over-see every submission and decided if it is the right fit for CloudPix.

We are only ever one email away so if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us.

An introduction to our small but skilled writing team

Over the past 2 years our team has grown from 2 people into a team of more than 10. Here we look at some of the most important people to our online development, the writing staff.

Paul Gray: Writer

Paul has been a fan of sports since the day he could walk and would never be seen without a ball at his feet or in his hands. Unfortunately he was not quite good enough to play sport professionally so decided to do the next best thing, write about it. With his vast knowledge and love of all things sport, he enjoys bringing you the most up to date news on the world of sport.

Lianne Clark: Writer

What girl doesn't like a bit of celebrity gossip? Lianne cannot go a day without knowing what is going on with her favourite celebs, especially when it comes to reality television stars. She likes to think she is on the ball and up to date with all things reality and hopes you enjoy her own little take on things.

Steven Jones: Writer

Movies, movies, movies. Steven likes to think of himself as a bit of a movie buff, whether it be the classics from way back when, or the latest releases. he even knows a fair amount about the movies that are coming our way in the future. Not only does he love watching movies but he also loves writing about them and hopes you enjoy reading what he has to say.

Chris Rose: Writer

With the amount of new and old television shows we have airing everyday, somebody has to try and keep on top of it all and that is where Chris comes in. While he is not exactly big on the reality television stuff, he does enjoy sitting down and watching a good scripted series, bringing you all you need to know about what's on TV.

Sarah Johnson: Writer

Sarah once had a dream of being one of the world's top models and, while she did enjoy a little modelling career of my own in my younger years, she did not quite reach those heady heights. Now, she loves looking at the modelling industry, bringing you the latest on the biggest and best models, as well as those coming through in the industry.

John Stevens: Editor

Somebody needs to keep these guys in line and that is down to John. He has been working in this business for longer than he can remember and it has become more than just a job to him. The entertainment industry is his passion and he finds it a pleasure to work with such talented people and to continue bringing you the latest up to date news.
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